Membership & Registrations fees


$50.00          Annual Membership with Website Ad

$10.00          Annual Membership (due each year) (Junior members no charge) 

$ 5.00           Certificate of Registration—within one year of birth Click Here for application

$10.00                   After one year of birth  Click Here for application

  $4.00                   Duplicate Certificate—lost or destroyed 

no charge              Certificate of Stud Service     Click Here for application

$10.00          Imported Application for registration

$30.00         American Imported Consignment Sale Fee

$20.00         Canadian Imported Consignment Fee

  $3.00         Transfers—within 90 days of sale

  $6.00         After 90 days of sale $6.00

$15.00         First Time Memberships: U.S. (Senior) Click Here for application

$15.00        Canadian $15.00 with application

No Charge Junior Member (under age 19) 

$20.00        Extended Pedigree—4 Generation

   $2.00       Special Naming of Individual animal (max. 25 letters & numbers ) extra 

All Work marked RUSH  plus appropriate mailing and/or fax charges Double Fee

NON-Member Fees Double Fee

(All Fees Payable in U.S. Dollars Only)                                           Revised March 2016